Get Your Team Rolling On A Beer Bike

If you’re looking for a popular and an unusual activity, you may consider the idea that Red Mago has, the Beer Bike. It’s a zany cross that is the part team sport, part sightseeing and part relaxation at the bar via the Kinabatangan river. You’ll be doing all of this at the same time, does it get any better than this? How is it possible? How about a specialised vehicle that sixteen people can pedal at the same time? Seriously, does it get any easier?

Once all of the muscle and who does what is sorted, you’re on your way to enjoying your day and having a great time. You and your beer can enjoy a ride and travel wherever you want. Sitting in the middle of the bike is a counter steer bike. It has chilled beer right on tap and your group can provide the pedalling power. We’ll give you a driver to take you around the city on your tour. With Beer Bikes in Barcelona, you’ll appreciate Barcelona, Madrid and even Valencia as well as Lisbon all awaiting your arrival.

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In fact, when you consider it, Beer Bikes bring it all together. You’ll have the ideal team activity and work together on a goal as a team. You can forge a better relationship and improve your morale. What can’t the beer bike do? We’ll, that depends on who you choose to take with you. You’ll want to select a group of friends that are like minded and have time together to enjoy. You can sing your heart out and you can enjoy the tunes with a great sound system. We’ll help set up your music and get you going.

Beer biking works up a huge thirst. Your team will enjoy the city and power down some beer all at the same time. You can create positivity and enjoy yourself with a job well done. While you’re sitting at the rolling bar, you’ll be pedalling forwards to the beautiful city. Right in front of you’ll have a great trip. With a chilled keg all set up, you’ll enjoy your ride.

Beer Biking In Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Lisbon

Truly, there’s nothing more exciting or festive than a tour around the city with a custom beer bike fest. You’ll be making great memories with your friends and you’ll be travelling in style. Everyone will have a great time and you can sing to your heart’s content. This is a must see event and everyone should try it at least once. Picture yourself on an adventure with your best friends and drinking to your heart’s content. You’ll have the trip of a lifetime all for fun.

Everyone will enjoy the trip. Focus your activities on your schedule and enjoy your next vacation with a beer bike fest. Imagine your wildest dreams coming true and drink to your heart’s content and you’ll have a grand time. At Red Mago, we’ll organise your entire bike trip and plan it all out according to how you want it to go. We also have LED lights so you can go anywhere, anytime day or night. With disco lights, your own mini bar and all the fun you can imagine you won’t have wasted a single moment.

There are business meetings and then there are business meetings. Which would you rather attend? If you’re seeking a way to make your next business meeting less boring, perhaps this is the best way to go about it. Will anyone complain? Imagine a way to work together as a team and still have fun.

All you need to provide is the group of friends and you’re all set. We’ll provide all of the music, the bike, the guide and the beer. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help you.

NZ Road Trips: What To Pack

The word has been out for decades on New Zealand being a terrific destination for camper van enthusiasts. The open roads of NZ offer majestic views, incredible wildlife, and uncrowded travelling conditions. The remote terrain of this island offers seemingly unlimited possibilities for adventure. It is important to note, however, that this is truly remote and oftentimes rugged travelling, so after you head to your nearest campervan hire location you are going to want to pack up the following items for your trip.

Torches and Spare Batteries

Many of the camper van sites across New Zealand feature bathrooms which do not have electric lights. The last thing you want to be doing is feeling your way through the dark in an unfamiliar bathroom, so make sure to bring plenty of torches and extra batteries in case they run out. Torches will also come in handy should you break down in the dark or if the battery on your camper van is running low and you wish to conserve energy.

Insect repellent

Although many camper vans come equipped with fly screens, never underestimate the ability of New Zealand insects to make your life uncomfortable. You are most definitely going to want to use repellent when you are sleeping, especially in summer, and it will come in handy when hiking in certain areas or otherwise hanging out outside. Always keep some in your pocket. You will thank yourself later.

Hots-pot Or Other Form Of Internet Access

No matter how well you have mapped out your journey, there is going to come a time when you will need internet access, at least to Google maps or your favorite online navigator. Whether it’s an unexpected detour or you have simply gotten lost, an internet connection will be the difference between easy solution and long term problem. For this purpose, make sure that you have some form of connection, be it a hots-pot, extended data plan, or other method. Also make sure you have plenty of device chargers in case you lose one. You can charge your devices at many camper van sites and also right there in your camper van if it is properly equipped.

Motion Sickness Prevention

Even if you aren’t the type to get carsick, keep in mind that the long drives over winding New Zealand roadways can test even the strongest stomachs. For this purpose, make sure to pack some motion sickness prevention medicine somewhere in the camper van so that you have access to it if you need it.


Of course you will want to take your credit cards, but on your journey you will be passing through some truly remote towns and villages where the establishments may not accept cards. This is why you should keep a cash stash handy at all times.


Even if you’re travelling in the dead of summer, certain areas may be susceptible to rapid climate changes that will leave you shivering in your short sleeves. Remember to take jackets and pants and even a sweater, since the last thing you want is to uncomfortable and chilly on the open road.

Travelling New Zealand is an exciting adventure full of amazing promise. As long as you make sure to pack well, your camper van journey will be a smooth and highly enjoyable expedition.