Albania: most adventurous country for the travelers

Albania as a small country on the southern Eastern Europe that is famous for its fairly well preserved sites, unique sceneries, mixture of civilizations and wonderful culture while slowly and slowly is becoming a famous gateway in the world. If you are planning for the Albania holiday destination then you should surely explore and discover the beautiful and unique historical places and enjoy the ambience of its nature because of its spectacular mountain citadels and its prestige beaches along with the comfortable hotels. Albania boasts some of the examples of ottoman architecture along the stunningly fabulous beaches and supremely fresh Mediterranean air.


Beaches and beauty

The rugged coastline of Albania with the irresistible charming combination of isolated bays and golden beaches is famous for its top beach destination spots. You can spend holidays in the southern part of the country that is famous for some hidden beaches, pristine sandy beaches, islands and also has secluded pebble beach. Tourists can also feel comfortable with the different varieties of facilitated restaurants and accommodations. You can enjoy the marvelous sunsets, fresh sea foods and most majestic beautiful landscapes.

Albania picturesque mountains: activities to do in Albania

Albania Mountains are also famous for their picturesque beauty that also offers opportunities for the mountain climbing and many more enthusiastic, sporty and outdoor activities. The most suitable area for the mountain climbing and trekking are in Albania Alps and definitely there are many more. Walking to some distances to enjoy the beauty of nature is also a popular activity in Albania. The area and the nature with paths and its narrow trails can also make these activities very interesting and pleasant. One would surely like to do some of the interesting activities like swimming, trekking, hiking, fishing, cycling, riding, mountain climbing etc.

Exploration of caves and mountain biking

A special activity in the mountainous areas can be exploration of caves or taking biking tours. You can also take participation in the tours that are organized in Albania such as vermosh, theth and Bogë etc. In the territory of Albania, the widespread limestone formation with the development of different forms of karst that also helps in creation of different carstic caves and tends to be major attraction for the visitors. For many of the tourists the special interest is for the caves like Pëllumbasi (black cave) that is located at the southeast Tirana.

The largest cave in Albania is Pirrogoshi cave which is located in Skrapar and there are many more interesting caves that one would surely like to visit: the cave of Treni in Devoll, cave of Lek Pete in Kurvelesh and Cave Neziri (Mat) etc. The best Albanian mountain tour offers an image of untamed beauty in the world of global travel. You would surely like to visit the beautiful cities and famous destinations and most importantly the Albanian mountains. You can also experience the valleys in beautiful mosaic forest, springs capped by snow which are famed by high peaks unless the late summer spread across them.