Killing Time to Save Dimes: Why Late-Second Booking Is Cheaper

For an overseas flight during the holidays, most people buy their tickets in advance by 3 to 6 months because they are cheaper at that time. It guarantees a seat and the price doesn’t go up as time comes in. Airlines do sell a set of cheap seats on each flight, and once these seats sell quickly, the prices rise. The airlines know that business travellers – not vacationers – book their seats just days before because of a change in their plans. To make sure they get where they have to be, the business fliers will pay a premium. So, the belief is that the later one books a flight, the more expensive it gets.

In truth, it doesn’t work like that. Long flights booked weeks before, even in the peak season, can be found at slightly discounted prices. Airlines change the price of their flights by the say due to passenger demand. The higher the demand, the higher the price for a ticket, while the lower the demand, the lower the price. The cost of flights changes daily, sometimes hourly, based on demand, as well as their competitors. Because many airlines fly the same routes at the same time, competition for more fliers comes into place. If one airline changes the price or cuts the capacity, the other airlines will cut or raise their fares.

In terms of keeping track with the constant changes, people have alerts set up with websites and apps on their phone to catch the sudden bargains. Some of them can predict whether the price of a flight will rise or drop, like the stock market, within the next week. Among the most notable to use for this are Kayak and Skyscanner. These alerts allow users is to mark a flight of interest and there will be daily alerts on whether the price of the flight has decreased, increased, or stayed the same.

Securing a last-minute buy of a good flight is much easier if flexible with dates, time of departure, and what airline to take. It is very hard to get the deal wanted from the airline of preference and the time of departure.  Escape Flight allows you to choose may different settings and gives you the best recommendations, tailored to you specifically. However, it should be noted that there are no guarantees that prices will drop in the days and weeks before a flight. It’s about gambling with time and not being picky at all with what is available. When the flights’ prices do drop, the savings can be substantial compared to other flights, which means extra money to spend at the place of destination.