Top Four Tips For Finding The Perfect Hotel Room

When it comes to enjoying your vacation, staying at the right place can make it or break it. At some times it may seem like there are a lot of hotel choices at your ideal destination and you’re just playing roulette when deciding on one. Stop the games! We are going to give you the best tips for choosing the perfect hotel room for your next trip below.

Always Use The Search Filters


Don’t tempt yourself by leaving the filters off to get more results. If there are things that are a must, such as a pet-friendly hotel or one with a pool, make sure you set the filters on the hotel search engine to reflect that.

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There’s nothing worse than getting all excited about staying at a hotel that seems perfect and then realizing it won’t meet your accommodation standards. Ensure you set these standards right away so that you can narrow down the search results and make picking the perfect hotel much easier.

Read The Reviews


We encourage you to read the reviews of any hotel you are thinking of staying at. This will help you to detect a general trend for the hotel. While we all know that you can’t trust every review you read, as some people are impossible to please, you can find similarities.

Look at the majority of the reviews and see what the good to bad ratio is. Read through the bad reviews and see if there are any similarities there. In some cases, you may note a lack of customer service or multiple people were told their bookings were lost. This will help you discover what trends to expect from the hotel.

Location, Location, Location


No one wants to hail a cab every single time they leave their hotel room. That’s why it’s important for you to opt for a hotel that is in walking distance from many of the attractions you are looking to see. Ensure you really look at the location, see the street view, and identify how far it actually is to the locations on foot.

While it may be more expensive to stay in a hotel that is closer to the popular attractions and sites, we are telling you it is much worth the money. Most people try to save money on the hotel, but what they don’t realize is how difficult they are making the rest of their vacation. You waste time and money on transportation. When you are looking for a Christchurch accommodation make sure you get one near the Cathedral Junction so you are close to the attractions.



When you have a couple of hotels narrowed down to fit all the other features that are must-haves, it’s time to compare the extras. Different hotels will offer various amenities. We encourage you to compare these amenities side by side and opt for the hotel that is offering you the most of the amenities that you will actually use on your vacation.