Travelling in Bangalore: best of best things to do there

You may have planned your vacation to Bangalore which is tourism capital of Karnataka. Bangalore is one of the most desirable tourist places of State where national and international tourist visit to explore the cosmopolitan and technology oriented city. Bangalore is one of the metro cities of the country where city have great scenic city landscapes as well as greenery. I f you tired of places of beaches or mountains , Bangalore is best as it includes a complete package of outing tour with urban lifestyle, historical monuments, museums, galleries ,parks , Wildlife national parks & lakes, amusement parks , worshiping places government buildings, Shopping markets & malls and so many other attractions which you definitely not want to miss . Accommodation in Bangalore is not very cheap but affordable with comfort as there are budget, 3 –star 4 star and 5 star hotels. Park plaza Bangalore like five star hotels promises the luxury in this most sophisticated and urbanized city.

What you will love to do in Bangalore: What is best about here?

There are so many places to visit in Bangalore that you have to make your list as choosing best ones to visit in time of travel you have. Once you get your place choosing from hotels in Bangalore, you can spend your whole day for sightseeing, travelling, shopping and various activities.

  1. Coffee or filter Kappi: Bangalore city is really a fantastic place to hangout; you will get numerous coffee shops, like in every second street or corner. Special kind of coffee that you can taste there only called south Indian coffee or hot filter kappi.
  2. Sightseeing the greenery: The Bangalore is technology and IT city that doesn’t mean it has any lesser scenic beauty landscapes, mountains and hilly areas. There are Nandi hills which are popular for sunrise and several activities like trekking and hiking. Have a great adventure to these green landscapes like Anthargange, Bheemeshwari and Shivagange. Some places are far from Bangalore but must visit. There are picnic spot, explorations and adventurous places which you will love to come with by road trips.
  3. Gazing Beautiful lakes: The extraordinarily landscape beauty of ulsoor lakes , bellandur Lake, madiwala lake, hebbal lake and manmade Sankey tank are never to miss out. These lakes are not near Bangalore city so you have to little stretch out from the city to gaze them.
  4. Best for road trips: get out from your hotel, book some jeep or bikes and hit the roads for the scenic and pleasant road journey like  Nandi hills, sangam, Kuntti betta, Ramangara, Mysore, Hogenkkal and a lot more.